Card City
Card City is a solitaire style city builder played with a deck of cards.

How to play
Goal of the game is to create a successful city that generates the maximum amount of money at the end of the game. A game ends when you have played all cards.

Each round you can drag and drop cards from your inventory onto the game board to build new zones. Zones start with the value that is displayed on the game board (1-5, 0 for the first zone).
The zones are split into 4 types. Red Residential (RES), blue Commercial (COM), yellow Industrial (IND) and green ecological (ECO). Each card costs equal to the value of the tile it's placed on. Each card has a special effect that is activated when the zone is placed (displayed on the bottom of the card) and a display that shows which zones on the game board will become available next (top left corner of the card).

You can drag the whole game board to get an overview of your city.

The 4 zones always influence certain other zones when they are placed next to each other:
- ECO zones increase adjacent RES zones by 1
- RES zones increase adjacent COM zones by 1
- COM zones increase adjacent IND zones by 1
- IND zones decrease adjacent ECO zones by 1

City Growth
When you've placed all cards the city growth/score is governed by a few rules.

- People go and work in the IND zones to gain money.
- The amount of money created through work is equal to the amount of pollution produced this turn.
- Each point of pollution is deducted from the earned money.
- People take their earned money into COM zones and spend this money.
- If people have more money to spend than the amount of COM zones, this money get's saved in the bank.
- The amount of money spend in COM zones will be added to the global funds (your score).

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