By popular demand I'm revisiting my card based tower defense-like-ish game. My original idea can still be played here:  Card Tower.
This is a stream lined and stripped down version of my other prototype to reevaluate if this idea would be a good full game candidate. 

Please let me know how you like the concept in the comments.

How To

You command your team of 3 heroes in order to defend your castle from the incoming monster waves on 4 lanes.


Use Drag and Drop to switch your heroes positions in the 4 hero spaces. Move your heroes behind (to the left of) their tower to protect them from any damage.
Each hero can interact with the left most card of its lane. A button will indicate which action can be taken:

Attack - Attack the current monster.

Collect - Collect the current equipment or treasure card.

Wait - Skip this turn

After completing an action, your hero can't be moved until the next turn.

The game field

Cards in the game field can also be moved. Drag and Drop the left most card into another free lane. Dots will indicate possible drop locations. Once a lane card is moved you can not move it again unit the next turn.

A newly uncovered card will also not be movable in the same turn it was discovered.

After your turn ends (use the turn end button or exhaust all actions) all game field cards move one space to the left and new cards are drawn if possible.


When the game field cards move, monsters in the left most location will either attack your hero or the tower. If a tower is attacked, your city health is reduced by the amount of the monster attack. If your tower still has a "charge" indicated by its value, the monster card will be destroyed.


Monster - Deals damage to your heroes and towers.

Sword - Equip to increase hero attack by 2.

Shield - Equip to decrease incoming damage by 1.

Treasure - Collect to increase your gold. (No further use atm.)

Game End

If your city health drops to 0 you lose. 

If you clear out all cards you win.


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Pretty cool concept.



I'm glad to see a new prototype of this game, I really liked the previous version.  As soon as I have time I'll try it.