A 7 day rogue like by Tinytouchtales and Max 'Mexer' Fiedler

Use the Mouse/WASD/Arrow Keys to move up, down, left, right. Collect the golden acorn and descent via the stairs tile.
Bows have range. Shields block swords and reflect arrows. After 20 turns a new enemy is added.

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TagsSeven Day Roguelike Challenge, Roguelike


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This is much better then Maze Machina. It is simplest and minimalist. 3 types of items = sword, bucklet, crossbow. Easy goal = take golden piece and go to the door.

Very nice. Why is Maze Machina so complex? I lose motivation to play Maze Machina.

Hi, understandable. For Maze I wanted to explore how much you can increase the weird interactions between the different items. But I agree it's a lot to keep track of every single game. 

Thanks for the replay. I have played all of your games. The best one is Card Thief. Played on iPhone. Now I learn how to play Crypt of the Bone King. Did you see the game Seven Scrolls? https://venbrux.itch.io/seven-scrolls There are several great interactions between hero and monsters, plus combo cast spells via scrolls. It took me 3 mounths to finish game, 7 levels, beat 7 monsters and collect all medals. Best is to play on iPhone.

Yes, I know it, it's great.