[Prototype] Hex


Add tiles to the board and increase their value by grouping same types adjacent. Use the card's ability to manipulate tiles on the board. Merge tiles to connect them to other tiles and the goal tiles.


Connect the needed amount of tile types to each of the goal tiles with the least amount of turns possible.

How to Play

Click a card to activate it, click an empty tile to place the card's tile. After that you can trigger the cards ability, if possible or skip it by clicking the active card again. Then the tile can be merged with an adjacent tile of the correct merge type, displayed top left on the card or skipped.


When you rotate a tile, you can tap it multiple times to rotate the tile further. If you are happy with the result tap the active card to confirm.


Tile's increase their value by being adjacent to the same type. A tile increases it's value by the amount of types on the tile multiplied with the amount of same adjacent types. Example: A tile that is adjacent to 2 similar types and has 2 types will be scored as 4.

Black types will decrease the base value of any other type except back by 1. 

Game end

A game is complete when the necessary amount of tiles are connected to each goal tile and is lost when you can't place any more tiles and have not reached the goal.

A turn counter will give you a feeling for how effective you played.


Please use the comments or Twitter to give feedback. I'm mainly looking for design feedback and if you though the game was "fun" or "interesting" or not.



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