Texas Lane'em Poker

a gambling game for the 3 Lane Card Game Jam 22 by Arnold Rauers.


Play Texas Hold'em Poker on 3 different lanes against the dealer. Win hands to gain enough chips for the next rounds buy in. How many rounds can you survive?


At the start of the turn redraw or hold your hand cards. Click a lanes draw pile to draw the next card. Click the "Cash In" button to complete a round. Collect your payout to start the next round.

Lane Actions

Each lane has a randomized action which triggers once you've drawn the lanes "eye" card. These actions will introduce randomness to the standard poker system and can work out in your favor or against you. Think about how far you want to push your luck with each draw.

Hand Strength

The % value of each lanes hand is the relative strength of your current hand in that lane. 100% would mean a Royal Flush with clubs.

Disclaimer: This game was made in about a week and will contain major bugs and issues!

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GenreCard Game
Tagscasino, Casual, gambling, luck, poker, Singleplayer, Turn-based


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I would like to play this card game. Give it a try. Let you know my opinion. Have real fun as usual with your games. But. Simply, I can't. It's stuck on initial grey screen and then nothing happens. I can't run it. I want to play it! Because I love card games, especially the poker-like ones. So. There is any kind of way to fix that problem?
And btw I'm a fan-guy of YOU (even if I can't pronounce your complete name correctly). I'm hungry to see new tiny stuff. =]

Have you tried in Chrome Browser?

I'm having a lot of fun playing this, you did a great job on it! I hope to make a decent poker spinoff myself at some point