The King's Carriage is a #7DRL by Tinytouchtales inspired by Subsetgames Into The Breach. Warning: The game was made in about one week and will contain major bugs and issues.


Escort the King's carriage through 3 randomly generated maps and fight incoming hordes of goblins with your three heroes.


Move the front of the carriage onto one of the most right tiles while both parts are attached to each other in order to complete a map. Complete all 3 maps to win the game. If your carriage is destroyed you lose.


Click on a hero portrait to give orders. You can undo moving actions for all heroes by using the Undo Move button, but after you perform a skill undo is disabled. Use the Next Turn button to start the next turn.

Hero Skills


Attack: Attack an adjacent unit for 1 damage and push it back 1 tile into the direction of the attack.

Shield: Shield yourself from 1 incoming damage. The incoming attack is reflected to it's attacker.


Bow: Attack a unit for 1 damage within line of sight and push it back 1 tile into the direction of the attack.

Swap: Swap the position with an adjacent unit.


Lightning Strike: Attack a tile or unit within a straight line  (except adjacent tiles) for 1 damage. Push back all adjacent units relative to the attack into the direction of the attack.

Heal: Heal a unit within a straight line  (except adjacent tiles) for 1.

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TagsSeven Day Roguelike Challenge, Tactical, Turn-based Strategy


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this game has everything I want from a mobile game: hex tiles, puzzles, replayability, varied graphics :)

one thing though, the restart button does funny things to hero or indicator graphics


Ah yeah thanks, restart with caution i guess :D

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Swapping the archer with the wheel or horse in a way that leaves a gap between them makes only the horse move with carriage commands, the wheel stays wherever it was when you swapped.


Move the horse back next to the carriage to start pulling it again.

The rules say you only need the front tile of the carriage on the far right column.  Actually you need that and it to be attached to the rear tile.

Ah yes, thanks!

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I only seem to be able to attack my own units. Can't target the goblins.
Here I've moved the archer and selected attack, but instead of targeting the goblin, its targeting one of my own units.
Same occurs with the swordsman.


The first turn is available to reposition your heroes, once you confirm the enemies will spawn. Icons on tiles only indicate where enemies will spawn next turn.