Place creatures on the game board to gain as much score as possible.


In order to score points you draft and place creature tiles onto the game board. A game ends when the board is full or you run out of mana gems.


Drag and drop a card from the drafting area into the game board to place a creature. After you've placed a creature the creature will gain or lose score based on its affinity types. Then the creatures ability is triggered. After that the drafting area is refreshed.

The mana gem bar (purple gems in the middle) shows you the current mana gem value on the left. To place a creature on a tile with 4 types you need a mana gem with at least 4 points. If you place a creature on a tile with less then 4 types, the current mana gems value is reduced ex: 4-2 -> 2. 

Use the Lock Button (left) to lock a card and keep it for the next refresh. You can only lock 1 card per refresh, but you  can cancel your choice by using the button again.

Use the Refresh Button (right) to refresh the drafting area. Refreshing reduces the current mana gem by 1 the first time you use it, after that it will destroy the current mana gem until you place another creature. Then it reset's to -1 again.

Click & Hold on a placed Creature tile to see its card.

Tile Types

Each tile and creature is associated with a specific tile type. There are 6 types:

🔥 Fire - Destruction, Chaos 

💧Water - Duplication, Expansion 

🌲 Wood - Growth, Creation 

🌞 Desert - Isolation, Scarcity

🪨 Stone - Endurance, Dislocation

❄️ Snow - Conservation, Limitation

A creature has always 1 affinity towards a tile type and 1 aversion against another. You can see which types below the creature on each card.

Card Abilities

Abilities are always triggered when a creature is placed. Some cards have a Draft keyword, which means that this cards ability is only triggering when the card is or stays in the drafting area. 

Filling type Gems

You can fill the 6 outer crystals by creating creatures of their type. When filled each creature that was placed on a tile that belongs to the crystal it will gain a bonus once. Each crystal has its own bonus (+1,+2,+3...) and activate requirement (6,12,18...).


The score is the average of your last 6 games. Each time you play the last score is removed and the average  is calculated again.

Disclaimer: This game is a rough prototype and will contain major bugs and issue!

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I like the style of your games :) Simple-strategic-boardgamy.

I also find them quite polished. May I ask you what tech you use to make them?

And they seem mobile-friendly. You could add the tag on itch so that we can play on smartphone.


Thanks. It's still just a proof of concept / prototype but a few animations help to make it easier to communicate a few things.

I mainly use Unity3D to create my games, but most of the stuff I use is very basic 2D.

Yeah I can activate the mobile thing, but not sure how well that runs, need to check it.

This is a satisfying mechanic!

Nice, thanks for taking a look!

I'm enjoying these new variations! The removal of turns does make it less stressful with that one extra constraint removed. I'm still getting used to keeping the side scoring tiles in mind when I play.

Thanks, yeah. While I think the "side scoring" mechanic is really good, it's pretty hard to easily digest right now. I'm running into the same issue of constantly checking and moving my eyes a lot. I'll see what I can do visually to make this easier to read. (Note: This is still prototype graphic and would need proper art and UI design to be really good.)

Yep totally get that it is a prototype only - but I keep going back to it just for the gameplay mechanic  - so I think you are on to something here. Also - thanks for including a high score keeper - don't have to save my screen grabs anymore. ha!

Nice, glad you like it already! I think it's good as well. Need a bunch more interesting cards but the base is solid.